Business Overview

MTI's Strategy

Focus on securing blue chip customers seeking technology solutions through MTI’s “first to develop” approach, using MTI’s intellectual property and licensed technology from leading partners.

Maintaining a strong, committed and experienced management team (who together own over 30% of the Company’s shares) enables MTI to take advantage of current market trends: Demand for next generation 5G networks, Global warming and climate change, Increased defence budget spending.

Utilizing its scalable and risk adjusted business model, MTI seeks to expand the business through a mix of acquisition-led and organic growth.

For shareholders, the focus is on generating attractive returns through a mix of capital and dividend income growth.

Organic Growth Drivers

Organic growth is, and continues to be, a prime driver of MTI’s success, reflecting the underlying strength of the business.

The main drivers of organic growth are:
1. Substantial demand potential from mobile operators to progress their 5G network upgrades. With unique Flat and Parabolic Antennas, alongside a Dual Band solution, MTI is ideally placed to benefit significantly as a leading supplier of 5G backhaul antennas.

2. Global water usage is outpacing the growth in the world’s population, at the same time as the impacts of climate change are making fresh water supply even less predictable and reliable. Thus demand for water management systems is rapidly increasing.

3. Increased defense budget spending. Israel is a natural incubator for new defense technologies and MTI has substantial defense connections. MTI also has a strong presence in India, which MTI’s customers are using to conform to India’s Defense Offset Guidelines which dictate, in general, that 30% of any defense contract must be completed in India.

The combination of these factors ensures that MTI is ideally positioned to grow going forward.

Expansion by Aquisition

All of the sectors in which MTI is involved are currently fragmented, with a large number of smaller companies and value added resellers creating an opportunity for MTI to act as a consolidator.

MTI’s acquisition strategy is highly selective and transactions are structured to incentivize management teams, whilst protecting MTI on the down-side.

Targeting earnings enhancing acquisitions that fit strategically and add to MTI’s capabilities and drive group-wide efficiencies.

During the past six years MTI has successfully completed four acquisitions which collectively have significantly increased the revenues and profitability of the group.

Financial Track Record


Revenue increased in 7% in 2022 to $46.3

Adjusted EBITDA

Adjusted EBITDA increased 12% to $6.06m

Net Cash

Net cash of $8.1m as at 31 December 2022

Earning per Share

Earnings per share increased 3% to
4.21 US Cents (2021: 4.07 US Cents)


Increased dividend by 7% to 3.0 US Cents per share (2021: 2.8 US Cents)


Shareholders’ equity grew to $26.8m as at 31 December 2022 (31 December 2021: $25.9m)

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