Made to Innovate

MTI is a leading global technology group focused on innovative communication and radio frequency solutions

Our Core Values

Ethics, Integrity and Reliability
MTI’s commitment to ethics, integrity and reliability applies to every part of the business, at every level. We have adopted a strict code of conduct which is known to all employees, ensuring we do business lawfully and respectfully for all stakeholders, including vendors, customers and our employees, while safeguarding our assets.
Equal Opportunity & Diversity
We are committed to gender and age diversity across the group. A total of 23% of our employees are women and we aim to grow this proportion, whilst third age (over 55) employment stands at 30%, our goal to give people the opportunity to continue to contribute their knowledge and experience.
Technology Leadership by Innovation
MTI continually invests in R&D, conducting it in- house or collaborating with leading technology vendors. In parallel, we invest in educating and training our employees in order to encourage them to develop further.
Uncompromising Quality & Services
MTI provides quality at the right price. Rather than providing inexpensive products, our aim is to provide good products and service at an appropriate and fair price without sacrificing quality.
Environmental Responsibility
We support the communities in which we operate, focusing on the less fortunate, while also supporting a “greener world”. We achieve this through Mottech’s solutions which enable farmers to grow more with less as well as with our antenna technologies which connect remote communities, thereby providing them with greater opportunities whilst cutting down on pollution.

Our Story

Founded in 1970, MTI has grown into a global provider of comprehensive radio frequency communication solutions that serve top-tier customers worldwide.

MTI’s innovative technology solutions meet the growing demand for next-gen 5G networks, address global warming and climate change, and strengthen defense communications.

Establishment of distribution company representing international brands in Israel
Forming MTI Computers providing software solution – entering into the development world.
Acquisition of antenna business and entry into industrial world
IPO London Stock Exchange
Acquisition of MTI Summit
Acquisition of Mottech Water Solutions
Opening of Mottech China with partner
Merger with MTI Computers & Software Services
Acquisition of 50% of Parkland Australia
Acquisition of remaining 40% of Mottech China
Opening of Mottech office in Canada
Acquisition of 51% of PSK Wind Technologies

Our Vision & Strategy

MTI is focused on innovation, taking a “first to develop” approach as well as licensing advanced technologies from leading partners.

Our strong, committed, and experienced management team enables MTI to provide specialized solutions that meet current communication, environmental, and defense  trends.
While leveraging our strong internal growth engines, we continuously look to expand our offerings via strategic acquisitions.

Our Divisions


High quality, state-of-the-art antenna solutions

MTI is a world leader in the design, development, and production of high quality, state-of-the-art antennas.

Water Control & Management

High end remote control and monitoring solutions for water and irrigation

Mottech Water Solutions, an MTI subsidiary, provides control and monitoring solutions for water and irrigation.

Distribution & Professional Consulting Services

Serves international companies in the field of RF and microwave solutions

MTI Summit Electronics Ltd., an MTI subsidiary, offers consulting, representation, and marketing services.

Our Companies

MTI’s portfolio of companies reflects its focus on innovative communication and radio frequency solutions in the markets of 5G networks, defense, and environmental solutions

MTI Summit Electronics

Leaders in radio frequency and microwave component distribution.
One-stop-shop and the global supplier of 40 leading brands.

Company Website

Wireless Edge

Ongoing innovation that empowers exceptional wireless communications.
Developing groundbreaking technologies, multiple frequencies and innovative antennas.

Company Website


Mottech is a worldwide master distributor of Motorola solutions.
Advanced remote monitoring and control solutions.

Company Website

PSK Wind

High end communication solutions for the defense and intelligence markets.
Fully integrated high-end communication stations, systems, and solutions.

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Lighter Than Air platforms & Tethered Aerostats provides innovative, cost-effective airborne persistent surveillance solutions.
Protecting national security and supporting TCOM and its customers.

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Sustainability & Environment

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a key framework for our sustainability work. For us Goals 2, 5,6, 8, 9 and 16 are the most material and provide the areas in which we can have the greatest positive impact.

We believe the technology we provide enables both environmental and social benefits to individuals, industries and communities that far outweigh any negative impacts.

Mottech is deeply involved in supplying systems that help grow more with less.
24% women are currently employed by the company with the goal to increase it while our third age (over 55) employment stands at 28% providing the people to continue an contribute their knowledge and experience
Mottech is all about the management, preservation, and reuse of water.
Our people represent the essence of who we are as a company – an inclusive and diverse company that aims to grow continuously and develop in an open, fearless, and empowered culture; that creates trust and respect; and enables our people to deliver on the company’s business priorities in a responsible manner.
Our innovative solutions help connect people and manage remote area with technology – this connectivity enables people to interact, communicate, collaborate, share, learn and work. It provides access to services, work, healthcare, education, and opportunities. It can make life and work easier, more productive, and sustainable.
We safeguard our reputation with ethical, compliant actions and robust policies, procedures, and controls.

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